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Hello December…

Cold, warm, rainy, sunny..name it..its all happened in November. Glad we’re in December now, especially as the holidaying season kicks in.

November was a very busy month; i met lots of new people (quite a number of good men out here need female company during dinners and other events in Nairobi you know) 🙂 , i visited new places and tried a number of new things.

I made many new friends and my friends treated me very well. There is this one new friend from Mexico I will not forget in a while. He treated me very well, like a queen and was a real gentleman. I enjoyed our time together and I will forever keep the memories of that time in my heart.

If this is your first time on my site, well, I am Emmie; a mid-20′s year old lady in Nairobi, Kenya. I provide female company during dinner and events in and out of Nairobi, provide massage services and extras. My services are based on mutual respect and confidentiality.

Now for a little travel advice, if you are visiting Nairobi in December, know that it is generally a warm month, so no heavy clothing. Accommodation rates in Hotels tend to rise by 10-50 USD during this season. There are quite some nice insights i have about hotels so drop me a line at [email protected] and i can assist if you are in need.

It is important to note that most hotels, especially the 4 or 5 tar hotels in Nairobi always require one to pay for any night visitors (this is whether the visitor stays for one hour only or spends the entire night). It is important to find out this rate before hand to avoid potentially embarrassing moments.

I guess i’ll give my review of hotels in a later post

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