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About Emmie – For massage, incalls, out calls, female company!

Hi, lovely new years season and Karibu Nairobi!

I am a beautiful young lady in Nairobi who gives sensual massages with extras. My services are based on a long term and high-trust relationships therefore confidentiality and maturity are highly valued. I place a high premium on time, therefore I am only interested in serious people. Kindly do not spam my email if you are not serious.

I provide great company during dinner, events and during business trips in/around Nairobi or just keeping you company in your hotel in the afternoon.

If visiting Nairobi and want to enjoy nice female company in your hotel room..Drop me a line (+254796180678) and I will get back to you ASAP. [See My Photos!]

If you stay in Nairobi or around Nairobi and feel like you need good female company or just want a good massage! .. Drop me a line (+254796180678) and i will get back to you ASAP.

My services include: House calls, Hotel/Room calls, full body and erotic massage, among others. Drop me a line (+254796180678) and we can agree.

* If you treat me well,…i could even let you take me some photos for my photos page!

Here is more specifics about me:

Country: Kenyan
Sexuality: Straight
Eyes: Brown
Hair Style: Depends..but i like braids
Ethnic Origin: Kamba
Body Type: Average
Star Sign: Aries
Height: 5’5
Relationship status: In a relationship
Relationship wanted: Find a lover and friend
Shoe Size: 4
Bra Size: That would be telling
Quickie on me: Mid 20′s y.o lady in Nairobi. Gives sensual massages and provides company during hotel stays, dinner, events and business trips in or around Nairobi. If visiting Nairobi and want to enjoy nice female company in your hotel room..Drop me a line and I will get back to you ASAP.
My ideal partner/mate I desire a man: financially stable and older than I (I have no bias for race)..who is looking for a good massage or some nice mature female company, and who will respect my decisions and treat me well.
What was your most embarrassing moment: being licked for the first time…felt tingly n was sooo embarrassed! never been hornier!!
What makes you angry: Dishonesty, Abusive men.
What makes you cry: being tickled!!
What makes you laugh: tickling…am very ticklish!
How my friends describe me: Honest, and always willing to try something new…
My favourite TV: African movies. Reality TV shows.
My music: African, soul, rumbah
My spare time: Sex, read, movies..but..love sex! 🙂
My humour: Comedy..
Perfect holiday: Massai Mara, Lamu
My dress sense: Smart decent office wear for weekdays,
Bareback for evenings,
…jeans n sleeveless tops..for weekends, Naked in bed.
My Ideal home: By the beach…or large compound with nice n big green garden (size does matter)!
Do I want children: Yes!But not now.
Children: I don’t have children
Languages Spoken: English, Swahili,Kamba,Kikuyu,
Smoking: Never
Drinking: Occasional
Food: Chicken, beef….basically anything meaty!
Income: That would be telling
Occupation: Masseuse& Business woman.
Education: College
Religion: Christian

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